Chinese citizens angry over WeChat ban in America

Chinese citizens angry over WeChat ban in America

Chinese consumers can boycott iPhones in protest against the ban on China’s popular messaging app WeChat in the US. Such a claim was made by the spokesman of the Chinese Foreign Ministry, and also warned the US not to ban popular apps like WeChat.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian tweeted, “If WeChat is banned, Chinese consumers will have no reason to keep their iPhone or Apple goods.”

Zhao is provoking the Chinese?

Zhao had claimed a day earlier that many Chinese citizens have told him that if WeChat is banned, they will stop using the iPhone. He accused the US of harassing non-American companies, especially Chinese companies. Zhao’s statement is being linked to the American product of Boycott.

However, mixed reactions of people are coming to Zhao’s statement. Some have associated it with national identity, while some have asked to replace it. One person said that we use Weibo instead of Twitter, but it did not change much in life. However, one person said that the business people will be affected by the ban on WeChat.

Apple is number two in the Chinese market

Currently, Apple holds an 8 percent share in the Chinese smartphone market and is the largest seller after Huawei. At the same time, V-Chat is known as Weixin in China, which has 1.2 billion users.

Tiktok is already banned

Significantly, the WeChat app has also been banned in the US. US President Donald Trump announced this month that from September 15, other Chinese apps along with WeChat will be banned. After which V-Chat stopped all its operations. At the same time, Tiktok has already been banned as a threat to national security. Since the Trump government’s move, the situation in China-America has increased significantly.

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