Putin told Russia vaccine safe and effective, can be produced in India- Market News Reports

Putin told Russia vaccine safe and effective, can be produced in India- Market News Reports

The President of Russia, who recently approved the Corona vaccine, praised the Sputnik V vaccine as completely safe and effective. Putting aside criticism that a few dozen people had been approved after testing in just 2 months, Putin said that the world’s first Corona vaccine was approved strictly following the rules. These regulations conform to international standards. Meanwhile, there are reports that negotiations are underway in Russia and India to produce the vaccine.

Putin made this claim at a time when many experts around the world have expressed concern about fast track approval, saying that Russia has not been able to share any data regarding the vaccine’s effects, which is a flaw in the scientific protocol. Meanwhile, Putin said in a TV interview, “Our experts have clarified that this vaccine produces permanent immunity and is safe.” Putin said that one of his daughters has been vaccinated, antibodies have been developed. And feeling fine.

Meanwhile, Russia is negotiating with India to produce this vaccine. Given the potential of vaccine production in India, Russia wants to enter into an agreement with India. India’s Health Secretary Rajesh Bukshan when asked whether Moscow has officially approached India for vaccine production? He said, “As far as Sputnik V vaccine is concerned, the dialogue is going on in both countries.” Some initial information has been shared, some more information is awaited. ”

Ambassador of Russia to India Nikolay Kudashev recently tweeted, “I had a conversation with Dr. Renu Swaroop, Secretary of the Department of Biotechnology in the Government of India, regarding traditional bilateral cooperation in the field of public health.” On August 11, Putin announced the approval of the Sputnik V vaccine.

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