Now Facebook is bringing new feature for users, know about this new feature

Now Facebook is bringing new feature for users, know about this new feature

Social media company Facebook is soon going to bring another new feature for its users. According to this feature, now users will get their subscription on any social site on paid news. For this, users will not have to go to their paywall. According to a report, news publishers are expected to benefit greatly from this.

Will be able to control post

Facebook is the most popular for its comments section. People share their idea through the post, on which interaction between people also increases. However, many times, you also get to comment incorrectly in the comment section on the post. The wrong language is also used in it. Also, people understand this as a place to debate.

In such a situation, if you wish that the people you do not like, they cannot comment on you, then this can be done easily. In this way, you can avoid trolls or unnecessary arguments. Although there is no dedicated feature on Facebook for this, it can be done through some tricks.

If you want to stop someone from replying to a Facebook post, then it is easy. For this, either you can hide your comments, or else the comments of others can also be hidden together. If you do not like someone’s comment on your Facebook post, then it can also be hidden. After this, people in the friend list will not see that comment. For this, you have to go to the comment section of the Facebook post. After this, press and hold the comment for a while. Here you will see the option of hiding comment. Now you have to click on it. After that, the comment will be hidden. If you want that comment to appear again, then you have to tap and hold on that comment again for a while, then select the unhide option.

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