Coronavirus: Protest against Corona sanctions in Germany’s capital Berlin

Protest against Corona sanctions in Germany capital Berlin

In Germany’s capital Berlin, there were fierce protests over the sanctions imposed to curb the corona epidemic. According to the Berlin Police, a large number of people took to the streets in the capital. People were protesting without wearing masks and social distancing. However, the Berlin Police overcame the protests. Berlin police said, “Unfortunately we have no other choice.” The protesters were not protesting in a peaceful manner. The performance was furious.

People were not following the guidelines issued to avoid Corona. A police spokesman said a construction container was set on fire during the protests. According to the police, there was a crowd of about 18 thousand in the protest. 3,000 officers were deployed to control this mob.

Explain that this protest has spread throughout Europe. Earlier such performances also took place in Paris and elsewhere.As activists urged people to gather in Berlin via social media across Europe to protest against restrictions imposed to stop Corona. According to the data of the Worldometer so far, there are more than two lakh 42 thousand cases in Germany. Out of these, two lakh 13 thousand people have been cured, while more than 9360 people have died so far.

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