NASA Issues Announcement Regarding Claims of Possible Signs of Life on Venus

NASA Issues Announcement Regarding Claims of Possible Signs of Life on Venus

This creative impression depicts Venus. Astronomers at MIT, Cardiff University, and elsewhere could have noticed indicators of life within the ambiance of Venus. Credit: ESO (European Southern Observatory)/M. Kornmesser & NASA/JPL/Caltech

[On Monday, scientific analysis was revealed displaying phosphine, a doable signature of life, current within the ambiance of Venus. The following is NASA’s announcement associated to this discovery. -ed.]

A paper about chemistry on Venus was not too long ago revealed in Nature Astronomy. NASA was not concerned within the analysis and can’t remark straight on the findings; nevertheless, we belief within the scientific peer assessment course of and stay up for the sturdy dialogue that may observe its publication. 

NASA has an intensive astrobiology program that searches for all times in many various methods throughout the photo voltaic system and past. Over the previous 20 years, we’ve made new discoveries that collectively suggest a major improve of the probability to search out life elsewhere.

Hubble Space Telescope Ultraviolet-Light Venus

This NASA Hubble Space Telescope ultraviolet-light picture of the planet Venus, taken on Jan. 24 1995, reveals the planet’s cloud tops at distance of 70.6 million miles (113.6 million kilometers) from Earth. Credit: NASA/ESA/Space Telescope Science Institute

As with an growing variety of planetary our bodies, Venus is proving to be an thrilling place of discovery, although it had not been a major a part of the seek for life due to its excessive temperatures, atmospheric composition and different components. Two of the subsequent 4 candidate missions for NASA’s Discovery Program are centered on Venus, as is Europe’s EnVision mission, wherein NASA is a associate. Venus is also a planetary vacation spot we are able to attain with smaller missions. 

Astrobiology is the research of the origin, evolution, and distribution of life within the universe.

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