Research study shows that more babies born with HIV could live beyond their first birthday

Research study shows that more babies born with HIV could live beyond their first birthday

The study shows that one of HIV’s most devastating attributes is how it can be passed on from person to person — involving from mother to child. The virus can be transmitted in the womb, during birth, or during breastfeeding. In the United States, as many as seven thousands women with HIV will give birth each year – stated in news by the American Pregnancy Association. If they don’t seek treatment for the virus, twenty-five percent of them will pass it on to their babies as well. And the same it puts babies lives at risk as soon as they are born. If HIV is left untreated, then the thirty percent of HIV-positive infants die by their first birthday, and fifty percent die by their second round, as per the news. But still, there is hope on the horizon — and it comes in the form of drugs we already have to tackle the virus as well. But when it comes to treating infants or babies with HIV effectively, timing may be the prior key.

In a research study, scientists show that certain anti-HIV medicines can be used from birth to attack the HIV virus stronghold in the immune system as well as buying the child’s body typical time to start fighting back. Treating babies in the hours after they are born is not standard practice in the US. But the study appears and advises that babies get tested for HIV as early as possible in their life.  Rapid or fast treatment is generally described to be between one to two weeks of birth. In a trial have tested a treatment for HIV positive babies that can be managed and controlled as soon as the second day of life.

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