Study shows MRIs of dense breasts find more cancer but also false alarms

Study shows MRIs of dense breasts find more cancer but also false alarms

About half of women over forty have dense breasts and around ten percent have very dense ones. That increases their risk of developing cancer and creates it harder to spot on mammograms (x-ray examines) if they do. U.S. regulators are making rules to need that women get breast density information when they have x-rays, and a lot of places provide it as of now. But what to do if you have dense breasts is unclear — it is not known if more or various kind of screening such as MRIs or ultrasounds helps. The research includes more than forty thousand Dutch women ages from fifty to seventy-five with very dense heavy breasts who had normal results from a mammogram x-ray, a screening X-ray referred every two years in the Netherlands. About eight thousands of them also were offered an MRI scan, which uses strong magnets to create detailed images, and 4,783 women agreed.

Despite the fact, the MRIs also led to more side effects during the scan or later testing as well, such as fainting or problems from an IV. And they cost much more than mammograms. The study states only looked at the first two years of screening with MRIs reports and it’s too soon to say whether the test will save lives. Without any kind of evidence, it’s really hard to say what value there is in finding more cancers, specifically many very small, early-stage ones, stated in a news report by Longo. Hence; Doctors already know that some of these will never cause symptoms or become life-threatening. But the dilemma is that, for most tumours, they cannot tell the difference between cancers that can kill you and those that cannot.

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