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Boil in America on the death of blacks: Trump threatens – If violence does not stop, Army will send

US President Donald Trump called for an immediate halt to violent protests in major cities of the country, saying that if the governor of the states refused to enforce the National Guard, he would deploy the army.

WASHINGTON: Blacks continue to perform for justice after George Floyd’s death in the US. Police on Monday used tear gas and rubber bullets to disperse those protesting near the White House. Meanwhile, US President Donald Trump has warned to deploy forces to stop the violence. Trump said that if the states refuse to stop the violence, then I will deploy the US Army so that the rights, property and lives of the people can be protected.

US President Donald Trump called for an immediate halt to violent demonstrations in major cities of the country, saying that the governors of the states should deploy the National Guard if they refuse to do so, they will deploy the army. Mayors and governors should strictly follow the law until violence is overcome. Trump said, “If a city or state refuses to take necessary steps to save the lives and property of American citizens, then I will deploy the American Military (Army) and solve the problem for them immediately.” The fire of violent demonstrations against Floyd’s death has reached 140 cities in the US, which is considered the worst civil unrest in the country in the last several decades.

Hundreds of protesters gathered outside the White House on Friday night after the death of George Floyd. President Donald Trump was taken to the underground bunker by White House security officials as soon as the news of protesters gathered outside. The round of demonstrations continued on Sunday and Monday as well. After which a video was tweeted from the White House, in which the US President said that the chaos seen on the streets will not be tolerated.

Significantly, violent demonstrations have been taking place in the US since the death of a black man George Floyd in police custody and the video of this incident went viral. A case of murder has been registered on the policeman in the case. At first it became violent on seeing a peaceful running demonstration. Curfew has been imposed in most cities of America. The protesters have ignored President Trump’s warning. There have been clashes in many places over this matter.

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