Cyclone Nisarga: 45,000 people, including corona patients, moved to safe places in Maharashtra

Cyclone Nisarga 45,000 people, including corona patients, moved to safe places in Maharashtra

Mumbai: Cyclone Nisarga will hit Mumbai and its nearby coastal areas by Wednesday afternoon. In such a situation, the teams of NDRF are busy in evacuating the area from here. As of Wednesday morning, at least 45,000 people have been taken to safer places in Maharashtra. It is estimated that in the next few hours, there will be a cyclone Nisarg landfall in Alibag, 100 km from Mumbai. Since landfall is in Alibaug, it does not have much effect in Mumbai. Please tell that after about 100 years, a cyclonic storm has come in Mumbai. At the same time, this is the second cyclonic storm in India in the last two weeks. Some areas of West Bengal and Odisha are still trying to recover from the devastation of Cyclone Amphon.

 Maharashtra Commandant of NDRF Anupam Srivastava said that so far around 45 thousand people have been taken to safe places from the entire sea coast of Maharashtra. He told that after landfall the wind speed will reduce from 60 to 70 km per hour. There will be no damage to tall buildings at such a speed. Trees can fall. Weak houses on the sea side can be damaged, so they have been evacuated.

He said that complete preparation has been kept. Where landfall is to be done, there are rural areas, houses are less, so there is less possibility of loss.

If we talk about Mumbai, then there are the most coronavirus patients in the country. There are 41,000 patients of Philhala Corona here. In such a situation, the situation has become very difficult due to cyclone nature. Police has prohibited people from going to the sea shore till Thursday afternoon. Mumbai and suburban areas have been placed on high alert, while high-tide warnings have also been issued in the city.

During Nisarg landfall, there is a possibility of wind blowing at 120 kmph. The Meteorological Department has also predicted waves of 6.5 feet high in the low-lying areas of Maharashtra. Rescue teams are placed on standby.

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