Corona: Can Hemp Really Cure Infection? -Reality Check

Corona: Can Hemp Really Cure Infection? -Reality Check

Some badges are being sold all over the world and it is being claimed that they will give protection against corona virus infection. These are being called ‘virus blocker’ badges.

Such badges have been seen selling indiscriminately in Russian markets. Some of these have white cross marks. They were marketed saying that they will stop the corona virus. Even some Russian MPs were seen wearing these badges in a meeting held in Duma province recently.

The US Federal Drug Administration (FDA) warns that such a badge emits a kind of bleaching substance (chlorine dioxide) that is harmful. The FDA has also called the claims of security from Kovid-19 the reason for the badge as ‘fake’.

The BBC asked Russian MP Andrei Swinstov why he is wearing this ‘virus blocker’ badge. Swinstov said in response that he does not know whether this badge really affects or not, but it is also true that he is not sick yet. He said, “I chew ginger.” I take vitamin c Whatever nonsense advice is found on the Internet, I would do all that. You know, they really do get some security. “

Recently, Russian President Vladimir Putin’s spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, was also seen wearing a similar badge. Last week, he admitted that he was infected with Corona virus and was in hospital.

Wayne Carter, an associate professor and biochemist at Nottingham University, says such badges cannot offer any protection from the corona virus because it is primarily “spread by sputum particles caused by sneezing and coughing.”

Treatment of corona with marijuana

Thousands of people have shared such articles on social media, claiming that hemp can cure covid-19 infection. The titles of many of these articles are misleading and misleading.

It is true that trials are going on in several countries including Canada, Israel and Britain to find out whether hemp can be beneficial in the treatment of corona virus infection.

Medicinal cannabis has helped reduce the duration of infection and may also help in treating ‘cytokine storm’. ‘Cytokine storm’ is seen in severe patients of Kovid-19.

But all these trials are still in the initial stage, so it is too early to reach any conclusion. It is too early to say that hemp can be an effective treatment for corona virus infection.

A similar article based on a Canadian study has been marked by Facebook for “partially giving false information”. An author of this research also told the website ‘Polity Fact’ that in the title of the article, claiming that hemp can stop the corona virus infection is ‘too much’.

In the last few years, there have been experiments to treat many diseases with hemp. It has got mixed results and people are also very interested in it.

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