JEE-NEET examinations to be held on time, NTA cleared- Market News Reports

JEE-NEET examinations to be held on time, NTA cleared- Market News Reports

The National Examination Agency (NTA) on Tuesday made it clear that the Main Entrance Exam (JEE) for engineering admission and the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) for Medical, UG or NEET exam Will be on time only. Due to Coronavirus epidemic, there was a demand to postpone these examinations.

NTA has issued a press release stating that the NEET exam will be held on 12 September and JEE exam will be from 1 to 6 September. The NTA in its press release cited the Supreme Court comment of 17 August when the Supreme Court dismissed the plea for postponement of the examinations, stating that the students’ valuation year could not be “wasted” and life would go on. Is the name. For these exams, it has been ensured that 99 percent of students get centers in the city of their first choice.

In the press release of NTA, it has been told that due to covid-19 epidemic, the examination centers of JEE Main examination have been reduced from 570 to 660. At the same time, instead of 2546, 3843 examination centers have been set up for NEET examination.

After this, the NTA had released the admit card for JEE (Main) examination, while the admit card of NEET is yet to be released.

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