China started giving clinical trials bypassing patients with corona vaccine less than a month ago

China started giving clinical trials bypassing patients with corona vaccine less than a month ago

Coronavirus Pandemic: China has claimed that it is the first country to experiment with corona vaccine on people. According to China, at the end of July, it had introduced this vaccine among high-risk groups. If this claim is considered to be true, then China has removed its vaccine from the people three weeks before Russia. However, both vaccines have not exceeded clinical trials.According to a Washington Post report, Beijing health officials reported on Saturday that they had given a dose of the vaccine under emergency use in late July on some medical workers and employees associated with government enterprises.

Significantly, there has been a debate among authorities around the world about how long they should keep their drug development protocol pending in order to bring the Kovid-19 vaccine and its treatment to the market. A diplomatic dispute has come to light after Papua New Guinea said that it had returned the Chinese miners who had taken the experimental corona virus vaccine.US President Donald Trump on Sunday tweeted that the US Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) was delaying developing the Corona vaccine without giving any information.

Significantly, Kirus announced to make the world’s first coronavirus vaccine this month. Russian President Vladimir Putin announced this, saying that his country has made the first vaccine of the coronavirus. He also told that his daughter has also been given this vaccine and she is feeling well. It is claimed that with this vaccine a permanent immunity can be developed against Covid-19. However, according to media reports, the head of the Clinical Trial Association of Russia (ACTO) has asked not to register this vaccine. According to this, clinical trials are usually done on thousands of people, whereas the Russian vaccine trials have been done on less than a hundred people.

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