Pakistan will become weaker in the Arabian Sea, after Germany’s denial, the threat of this ruin increases

Pakistan will become weaker in the Arabian Sea

The world knows that Pakistan (Pakistan) is notorious for giving safe asylum to terrorists on its land. Ignoring the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) warning, walking on the old pattern once again made it expensive. In fact, Germany has categorically refused to help Pakistan in the modernization of its submarine. The Federal Security Council headed by German Chancellor Angela Merkel has decided that Germany will not provide Air Independent Propulsion (AIP) systems for Pakistan’s submarines.

What is an AIP system?

Air Independent Propulsion (AIP) reduces the dependence of submarines on atmospheric air. In general, conventional diesel-electric engine submarines have to come to the surface daily for the oxygen needed for fuel combustion. A submarine is in the weakest position when it comes to the surface and the enemy can easily detect it. AIP can keep the engine of any submarine running for a week without atmospheric air. This means that a submarine can remain inside the water for a long time without coming to the surface.

India’s sea power is impenetrable

The Indian Navy has its own Air Independent Propulsion developed in India. Which was developed by the Naval Material Research Laboratory? According to defense experts, this blow of Germany to Pakistan will have a very bad effect on the capability of Pakistani Navy submarines.

It is also believed that Germany has given this blow to Pakistan because it has not yet been able to punish the perpetrators of the terrorist attack on the German Embassy. In 2017, 150 people were killed in a terrorist attack on the German Embassy building in Kabul. The Haqqani network was believed to be the hand of the terror attack, which is fully active in Pakistan.

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