China trying to garner support, was alienated, sent a foreign minister to visit Europe

Foreign Minister Wang Yi

Beijing: China has been isolated due to Coronavirus epidemic. All the countries of the world including India and America are standing against him. In such a situation, China has again returned to a ‘brother-brother’ strategy to mobilize support and reduce the losses on the economic front. Under this, Beijing has sent its foreign minister to visit Europe.

Foreign Minister Wang Yi is on a mission to remove the displeasure of European countries. Europe is also struggling with Corona, along with China’s diplomatic moves and Beijing sponsored fake news have also increased its problems. In March, a video was shared by a Chinese government official, showing Italian people standing in their balconies singing ‘Grazy Chyna’ or Thanksgiving China. However, this video later turned out to be fake.

Actually, this video was the propaganda of the Chinese government, to tell the world that China is providing medical aid to Italy and the Italians are very happy with it. But China reversed this bet. Resentment against him increased in the European Union (EU) and he openly came against China. The EU included China’s name in its report on misleading information. In June, on behalf of the EU, it was said that China is spreading misleading and false information on the Corona epidemic in a big way.

China tried to understand the European Union in a threatening manner but failed. So now the Chinese Foreign Minister has left for a trip to Europe under the policy of ‘Bhai’ Bhai, with the help of which he has stabbed India in the back. Wang Yi will visit five countries in a week. He will hold meetings with every major stakeholder of European politics.

Rapidly changing environment

China is rapidly losing grip in Europe and Wang Yi’s job is to reinforce that grip. Wang’s first stop was Italy. On the first day, he took a friendly approach, but at the same time made it clear that China does not want the cold war. Beijing is seen losing friends in Brussels. European Union foreign policy chief Jospe Burrell has called for a united front against China. In his blog on the European Union website, Borel has described China as aggressive and outspoken. Also mentioned the Ladakh violence. From this, it can be guessed that the environment in China is changing rapidly.

Accused of defective supply also

China, called the father of the Coronavirus, is also accused of supplying faulty medical equipment. Spain, Netherlands and the Czech Republic have complained about this. It is justified that their relationship with China will also be affected. This is the first foreign visit of the Chinese Foreign Minister since the Corona epidemic and aims to reduce the growing hatred against Beijing in European countries.

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