Former Indian athlete Iqbal Singh arrested in the US on charges of double murder

Former Indian athlete Iqbal Singh

In the US, former Indian athlete Iqbal Singh has been arrested on charges of double murder. The 62-year-old Iqbal has been a shotput champion at the Asian Championships held in Kuwait in 1983. He won the bronze medal in it.

According to media reports, Iqbal slaughtered his wife and mother with a knife on Sunday at his home in Newton Township, Pennsylvania. After this, he called his son and said – I have killed your mother and grandmother. Call the police and ask to take me away.

Iqbal repeated the same thing by calling his daughter as well. After this, both of them informed the police. Police reached the spot and arrested Iqbal. The reason why he did this has not been revealed.

Iqbal found soaked in blood

After killing the mother and wife, Iqbal had also stabbed his body with a knife. When the police reached the spot, he was soaked with blood. The body of his wife Jaspal Kaur and his mother Naseeb Kaur was found in his house. The wife’s body was lying on the first floor of the house, while the mother’s body was on the stairs. Both were declared dead on the spot. Iqbal was injured, so he was immediately taken to the hospital.

Court refused to grant bail

Iqbal was produced in court on Monday with the first and third degree charges of murder after receiving leave from the hospital. The court refused to grant him bail, considering the serious charges leveled against him. According to media reports, it seems that he has not hired any lawyer to fight his case. Iqbal was currently operating a taxi in the US. People living in the neighborhood said that Iqbal was often seen strolling and meditating in Newton Township.

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