Joe Biden and Trump’s attack on China, said – If this happens, then our country will be occupied by China

Trumps attack on China

US President Donald Trump has been preparing for the presidential election. Trump has targeted Democratic Party presidential candidates Joe Biden and China. The US president wrote in his tweet, “The Chinese state media and Chinese leaders want Biden to win the” US election “. If that happens (which it won’t) then our country will be occupied by China and reach a record level Our stock markets will be severely shaken! “

Earlier, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said that only Trump can deal with China and its deadly aggressive tendencies. According to language news, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has told the American public that President Donald Trump is the only person who can take on China and its deadly aggressive tendencies. He also said that President Trump will not rest in peace until he spreads this communist country in the US and the world to spread death and economic devastation through the coronavirus.

Pompeo said this contrary to his own advice on Tuesday. At the same time, he broke the long tradition of keeping US foreign ministers separate from bipartisan politics. He appealed to Americans if they want the country safe, then they should re-elect President Trump. Addressing the Republican National Conference (RNC) from Jerusalem, he said that President Trump has taken courageous initiatives in almost every part of the world. Pompeo has opened a front against this communist country in recent times by the Trump administration on behalf of the steps taken by China against India and in the strategic Indo-Pacific region.

The top US diplomat said, “He (Trump) exposed the Chinese Communist Party’s deadly aggressive trend in China. The President has blamed China for spreading the case of the Chinese virus and its death and economic devastation in the US and the world.

He will not sit peacefully until justice is done. ”

He said that President Trump made sure that the ruling Chinese Communist Party spies, who were seen as diplomats in America, either go behind bars or return home. He said that Trump ended the ‘strangely unfair’ trade arrangement with China, causing damage to the US economy.

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